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Feb 23, 2014 So close and yet so far!

Well, I suppose I could say that this was a productive week. After a very trying weekend dealing with millions of rocks, it was hard to be motivated but we did it anyway.. Through out the week we completed the conduit to the garage (wires and all) and just yesterday we wired up the Garage breaker box with 1 receptacle and 1 light. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but that is a real milestone with this garage. Now we have the ability to work in the garage (Limited but still) with light.. Also if we need any sort of power we can use a short extension cord and go at it rather than dragging a 50′ cord from the house. The next step on the garage is to CLEAN IT OUT! There is soo much stuff that has accumulated in there because of the lack of lighting. Everyone was literally opening the door and setting stuff just inside because you could not see the proper location or even a safe path to it.. The garage started its life full with half full of my father-in-laws wood working tools and the other half crammed with my Mechanical tools and motorcycles, then when my Father-In-Law was diagnosed with Cancer, more stuff was put there in an attempt to remove “past life thoughts” such as his hunting gear and all the other what not’s.  That plus, we liquidated the Flooring company and the person that was buying most of the supplies and tools left what he did not want/ could not afford.. Needless to say it is extremely full and even more un-organised.

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I did get to pull “Zuki” out into the light, more to get it out of the way but it was nice to see it in the sun light.. kinda helped to get motivated to get it going more.

2014-02-22 14.42.09

As for the house project… we finished the last of the interior electrical as well as the remainder of the Sheetrock.. Some of the mudding still needs some attention where the ceiling transitions into the older part of the house. The bedroom ceiling is primed and completely painted. and all of the rest of the Sheetrock is primed just not painted.. I am sure with the girls impatience, they will be all over that tomorrow in a push to get it done.. we are really hoping to at least start on the flooring side of things before the end of the week.

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With so many projects getting so close to completion, we can feel the strain of the push catching up to us.. now it is all we can do to get the house done, wrap up the underground electrical line, cleaning the garage and getting the Zuki going..

Jan 26, 2014 Stalling out! Cannot wait for summer!

Well, maybe not a full on stall.. We did get a little further along on the project.. after running the wires we were feeling like we were on the home stretch.. well, at least until we started the insulation ( MAN DO I HATE THAT STUFF!) we were able to get it all in Minus down around the concrete and the attic access. The attic access will be an Expanding foam insulation and around the concrete will use a rigid R4 insulation paneling.  Here are some pics of where we are at.

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This week was a bit tricky getting much done because, well, putting in 57 hours really limit what you are able to do elsewhere.  But we are still on track.. we are hoping to get the sheet rock on Monday and get it going in this week.. The overall goal is to get the kids moved in by Valentines.. I think we can do it, it is just time right!?

Update stated, here is the deal.. I was really hoping to get the trench dug yesterday with a vid of that process but there was not a trencher available.. hopefully soon.. we’ll get ‘er dug and get some wiring to the garage..

Now for those of you that know me, I am always shooting for things waaayyyy  out of reach and really I am at it again! I am trying to convince my wife of doing some massive amounts of concrete work.. (new driveway, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and of coarse a driveway to the shop) what that means for you is a lot of new projects.. and tons of great vids.. the catch is somehow I have to swindle a new computer and a car lift in the mix of everything else. The upside to that is I can use it for a income source but it is the journey getting there that is gonna be a bit tricky..

I guess what I am saying is, its only gonna get better.

Dec 20, 2013 Finally some resolve

Only 5 more days until Christmas, Not sure if we are ready but it is what it is.. I will tell you this, we are for sure going to look at Christmas differently this year.

As for updates, Blazer is home and fixed, it was the fuel pump so that has been resolved.. that also means that the snow blower is home as well 😉 I am hoping to get it out and use it tomorrow.

Roof is no longer leaking and tomorrow I will be moving the rest of the ice off so that I can finish attaching the heater cord to the roof and permanently resolve that issue..

Oh and one more but GOOD things just so you all don’t think of me as Mr Negativity.. THANK YOU ALL that came to the house today to help out with the room.. it is always appreciated!

Dec 19, 2013 Seeking resolution

OK so I don’t know if there is anyone that really reads all these posts and maybe daily is a bit much but.. OH WELL! There is a lot going on and so I have a lot to share.

1997 Blazer = poop! not really but that is the feeling I have right now.. I changed the filter (took a shower in gasoline) … no change. Changed the Regulator… still no change so…. it is the fuel pump! After doing this I was listening to it and it was making some weird sounds so.. I guess that does make sense. That, and I had just filled it up.. Fortunately my Bro-in-Law was in town so we used the mighty 00 Pontiac Montana (minivan) to tow it home, well, kinda home, really to a shop that would fix it because I was too lazy and tired.

As for the roof issue, I got the heat cord and laid it across the ice in hopes it will melt a little down and clear a path so I can eventually install it correctly. In the meantime, it is no longer leaking.

I would ask if “IT” is done but I’d rather not temp fate.. in all reality, non of this has been more than we can handle, it was just a trial.. maybe just so we will see Christmas in a new light this year..


Dec 18, 2013 WHAT? More problems!

Ok so… for those of you that don’t know what is going on, go back and look at past posts.. If you are up to speed, keep reading.

Last night after getting a chance to relax, calming down about the car problems that decided to take place on top of everything else going on, we went to bed. It could not have been more than  just a moment or two of rest before we hear Tap…. tap da da tap tap tap. I thought ” do we have another mouse in our room?”  but it  kept going even after I turned on the lights.. WE HAD SPRUNG A LEAK!  our roof in our room was dripping water.. there was no plumbing in the attic so it had to be the roof.. I did not have time to look at it so I left for work this morning thinking no too much about it.. when I got home, this is what I find in our room. 2013-12-18 19.03.18then I made the mistake of looking up…

2013-12-18 19.03.24

apparently the roof had formed a thick layer of ice on the roof that as it was melting and backing up under the shingles.. FIGURES!

2013-12-18 19.04.07 2013-12-18 19.04.22

so tomorrow I am going to head out and get one of them melt cords  like this one:

Easy Heat ADKS-500 100-Foot Roof De-Icing Cable

Now, I have never used one so this will be my first time and I am only hoping it will work for what we need, trust me, I’ll keep you posted..

on to a different note, my Blazer, I went and picked up a Fuel pressure guage  like so

and gave her a test..

now when I looked up the specs it said that it should have between 55-65 psi.. well that is nothing like what I was getting.. not  even close.. it was a measly 12 psi so I had to pick up a fuel filter and a fuel pressure regulator

I am hoping that it will be be just the fuel filter but, I am guessing that it is the regulator.. that is OK with me because I believe it has been going out for some time.  the only problem is that its location is horrible.

 fuel pressure regulator


right underneath all of the upper components  of the engine.. I should be able to get to in about an hour replace it and then have it put back together another hour. That is, if I get the time, the weather cooperates, and I don’t freeze in the process.

Oh and by the way, my father in law came home today.. I’ll have to do some catch up on that story another time… Wish me luck!

Dec 17, 2013 I got it but not without problems!

Well the day has come and there is a story to tell. So I went to get the said snow blower.. everything looked good, some basic wear and tear but it runs well and in the end they gave it to me for $350.00 instead of $375.00. As I got talking to him I found out he teaches where I went to Junior High so, I got to reminisce a little and then when it was time to go….. the Blazer would not start, Granted the ol’ girl has over 222,###.# miles on it and it has not given me a problem since I got it.  After playing with it, I determined that there was spark and some full pressure (no sure how much) so I am guessing it is the infamous Fuel pressure regulator. gives me a need to buy a fuel pressure gauge HEHEHE **as I rub my hands together with an evil look on my face** need less to say one of the guys from work towed me back to the shop and then I carpooled home and will be driving my wife’s van until I get it fixed. Trust me I will film the process and let you know how it goes..  but HEY,, I got a snow blower! That was the point right!?