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This will be more of a blog.. a lot of basic life updates and other boring stuff will be posted here

Dec 16, 2013 – Opening post

snow blowerIt is another day.. where to start, what to say? Much of my story to this point is still in the past so, many of my posts will contain stories of what has happened, maybe recently, maybe some time ago. Today, as it is, is a Monday. Not just a Monday but another one of those ones that you dread going to work for fear that there really is not all that much to be done so most of your time will be standing around pretending that there is a ton to get done. Meanwhile at home, there really is a ton to get done: Framing in the back room, concrete work, electrical, drywall, flooring, and of coarse, more work to this site. The real problem lies with the timing. All of the above mentioned construction work that is loud we are trying to get done before Wednesday because that is when my Father-in-law gets home from the hospital..(that in its self is a whole other story)

Back to today, there is one thing that I am looking forward to. I am suppose to go look at a Snow blower at lunch.. I have never had one before, always shovels and plows.. The plow was attached to a 12hp riding mower so, it did “OK” but I always felt I needed/wanted something that would move large amounts of snow. Living at my in-laws in Utah, there really is a lot of snow to move.. I will get you more information as I get it..


Welcome to Dilly’s adv.

Welcome to Dilly’s Adventures

Although I am a “Jack of all trades” most of my content revolves around Motor “stuff”  but there is a lot more to me. Formally I was known as Kary1982v6 but due to the obvious complexity in pronouncing as well as remembering I decided it was time to change my online presence. Dilly is a Family nickname that we have started with my dad and has carried on ever since.  This is all about our adventures! Most of what I do will be found here, or at least referenced here with a link to the actual location.

for the purpose of your interests, here is a list of the things that typically covered (somewhat in order of commonality)

1- Motovlogs

2- DIY or Mechanical tutorials

3- Financial tips and tricks

4- Deals or interesting products that I come across.

5- Reviews of Movies, Restaurant and all sorts of things that I encounter.

6- Ahh… this really is not a category but more..  Anything I think might/ might not be beneficial to someone. I’ll be posting it here.