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Too valuable to be promoted?

In my years of education, I was always told to make myself as valuable as possible so that I could be promoted as quickly as possible. For most of my life, that has been the case for me, moving from a base employee to an assistant store manager within 6 mo- 1 year. Going from customer service to manager of returns and then on to Logistics manager within 2 years. This all seemed to be “Just how it is” until recently when  I was told that I was not promoted to a position that was open simply because I was considered “too valuable where I was at”. Please keep in mind, much has happened since then, it was just a situation that I felt was odd and would possibly get you thinking.

As I thought about this situation there were several questions that came to mind:
Am I so under paid that it is not worth offering a promotion for risk of having to pay more?
What did I do so well at that they could not see the same potential for outstanding performance in a new position?
What do I need to stop doing to reduce how valuable I am so that I can get promoted and thus improve my finical situation?
This is all a situation that wither you know it or not, it is very likely that you have been the victim of this at one point or another. The real question is, is there something better that they are “Preserving” me for.  In the long term, is there a better option? So, here is the real question, have you had this happen that you know of? If so, what did you do and  what happened to resolve this?
As far as background, I will admit that I was one of those people fooled by the idea the a company promotes a person once they qualify and have proven themselves worthy. I have felt that there should be no need to ask for a raise. Sadly I can officially say I was wrong. Now the reality sinks in, that I was never taught how to “Properly” ask for a raise and/or Promotion. I know that there are a lot videos on the web as well as training materials that explain how this is to be done but they never account for the possibility that you actually know your boss. That may seem a bit odd but it is true. Often times, I have found that you know and get along well with the boss and asking for a raise may simply cause ripples or even on the other side, you don’t see eye to eye with your boss and although you are great at what you do, you don’t want to cause them a reason to let you go.
I do want to clarify something. In a recent position, I had no desire to be promoted and that is different. I had worked my way up the ladder to a position that I enjoyed, and looking up I did not see any positions that I felt I would enjoy or be “good” at. At that point in my mind, it became time to start looking outside the company for the opportunity to move up in another in area or function that would be considered “exciting” , “fun”, or more “Fulfilling”.




Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 1 hour 32 minutes
Type: Adventure/ Comdedy
Dilly Rating: Ordered and in the mail
Language: none of coarse
Main Charcters: Dane Cook, Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Cedric the Entertainer, Carlos Alazraquil, Priyanka Chopra, Jilia Louis, Teri Hatcher, Val Kilmer, Roger Craig Smith, John Cleese, Gabriel Iglesias, Anthony Edwards, Brent Musburger, Sinbad
Release Date: August 09,2013Summary: Dusty is a small-town plane who dreams of one day competing as a high-flying air racer. However, poor Dusty has two strikes against him: He’s not built for racing, and he’s terribly afraid of heights. To achieve his dream, Dusty turns to naval aviator Skipper. Skipper helps Dusty qualify to take on Ripslinger, the race circuit’s defending champion. Dusty’s courage faces the ultimate test, as he takes aim at heights he never dreamed were possible.

I LOVE TESE MOVIES – Ever since the movie “Cars” came out I have been tickled by these types of movies.. My kids loved it and watched it at least 1-2 times a day. There is enough of a story and details to keep even an adult entertained. Enough about the general movies, more about this one Specifically.  Considering this is a “cartoon” they, once again, paid a lot of attention to detail. Flight controll surfaces work almost perfectly as they are moving. Most kids movies I have seen either dont show the controll surfaces move or they move with no relation on the movements of the plane. As for the movie, just take life fromt the perspective of a purpose build air craft allows us to see life for what it really is..  Many of us approach life with the items we are handed and get frustrated because we are unhappy but, what about the things we really want, what about the things we believe we can do? .. Go out an get what you want, be friendly, dont forget who helps you, and even the best things in life can be hard and take a bit of work .  These are all things that this movie tells us but, with a great “feel Good” story.  Dont forget to pay attention to the details of landscape and background. There was some real though put into the composition of the movie that can leave you in aww.

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Now you see me  YT

Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 2 hours 5 Minutes
Type: Caper story / Thriller
Dilly Rating: Movie House
Language: Mild over all, very little
Main Charcters: Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Melanie Laurent, Morgan Freeman, Michale Caine,  Michael Kelly, Common, David Warshofsky, Jose Garcia, Jessica Lindsey
Release Date: May 31,2013

Summary: Charismatic magician Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) leads a team of talented illusionists called the Four Horsemen. Atlas and his comrades mesmerize audiences with a pair of amazing magic shows that drain the bank accounts of the corrupt and funnel the money to audience members. A federal agent (Mark Ruffalo) and an Interpol detective (Mélanie Laurent) intend to rein in the Horsemen before their next caper, and they turn to Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman), a famous debunker, for help.I love being mistified!

I love “Magic” because, although I know that it is all just optical illousions but it is something I don’t need to understand to enjoy so that being said I really wanted to watch this one.  I will admit, about 1/3 the way through the movie, I thought I was going be to extreemly dissapointed. I felt like they were telling the outcome of the story before they finished the movie but, I was mistaken. After watching the whole thing I realized that they were tricking me into believeing that I knew the story when I was dead wrong. The twist at the end, although by that time you could almost tell it was coming, was great..  With the “getting back at the man” theme underton it was a great feel good, be mistified movie!.

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Hours – Movie Review


Rating PG-13
Time: 1 hour 37 minuets
Type: Thriller / Drama
Dilly Rating: Can I get a refund on my time?
Language: This one has the typical amount of PG-13 language including the one “F-bomb”
Main characters: Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez, TJ Hassan, Michelle Torres, ect
Release Date: December 12, 2013

Movie summary: A new father (Paul Walker) must remain behind and try to keep his prematurely born daughter alive after Hurricane Katrina knocks out the power in their New Orleans hospital.

I will admit, when I saw this one in the listing, I looked forward to it. It has a potential with the story line and with Paul Walker but was sorely disappointed with it as we watched. To be completely honest about half way through the movie I could have walked away and not felt bad (which for me is rare because I like to know how things ends). To be completely honest, this is a really slow movie with not much going on. Production of this movie has to be done of a minimal budget and Paul must have been doing it out of charity. If you are looking for something to watch, keep looking. if you are desperate, you may want to keep looking then as well.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – Movie Review


The Hunger Games: Mocking jay, Part 1

Rating: PG-13
Time: 2 Hours 3 Minutes
Type:  Fantasy / Drama
Dilly Rating:  movie house
Language: Very Little
Main characters: Jennifer Laurence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, woody Harrelson, Philip Hoffman
Released: November 21, 2014

I will admit the fact that this series is more “Chick Flick” oriented; I have enjoyed it so far. This “episode” (I only say that because a lot of the stories portrayed in movies these days are more like extended TV episodes) I am not saying that is bad, I just hate waiting a year or more to get more of the story. Outside of that, this was, to me the one where things finally start to turn. Up until now the story has told about a people suppressed by their “Government”. In this area, the tables start to turn with a form of a rebellion. There is some hint to the idea that those that used to be on the same team no longer are but there is also the conflicting idea that there is some manipulation involved causing them to act in ways that they would not otherwise. I believe that if people really were watching this and relating it to real life scenarios, they would possibly wizen up to the way things really are but because this is only “entertainment” few can see the correlation between entertainment and reality. I cannot say that this one was spectacular but I will say it was one that I enjoyed and once the entire series it out, I may even be looking to but the collection.

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Brumby’s Hometown Cafe – Santaquin Utah

Brumbys button
Brumby’s Hometown Café – Santaquin Utah
340 E Main St, Santaquin Utah
(801) 754-5941
Hours: Tue – Thu: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri – Sat:11:00 am – 10:00 pm


2014-12-05 12.14.19

Visited Date:
Multiple Visits in 2014 – Usually in the evenings

In all honesty, this is one that I had not heard of until reviewing another restaurant and in reply several individuals commented about the food here. I have tried this location both with and without kids.

The building itself is well done with lots of country and rustic décor. Clean and inviting although I will say after visiting with kids, the décor becomes a temptation with the kids. The other set back in my opinion was that this location adjoins a salon and has a door between the two. The first time coming in there was a strong chemical smell that you would expect from a salon, not the Food that you would typically expect.

I love it when it is appropriate. The times I visited there was some classic country playing such as Johnny Cash. It was not too loud but audible enough to be heard and enjoyed. I always enjoy music that sets the mood.
Service: Service was good although the first time we walked in, there really wasn’t an indication of “seat yourself” or “please wait to be seated” I assume that is because a lot of the customer base is local repeat customer. That said, after we sat down service was good and prompt.

In our first visit, the food was excellent (Pulled port sandwich and Chicken fried Chicken) My wife even really liked the coleslaw which is really odd for her and the battered fries were an absolute winner. On the return visit I tried the Cod Basket, the breaded shrimp basket and the chicken strips. I was a bit more disappointed, there was not much of a rich flavor but rather all of the food was really oily. There is also a fairly limited menu for a “Hometown Café”. Since they do not open until 11, there is no breakfast Menu which is what I always liked in a true hometown café.
-Pulled pork sandwich with fries and coleslaw
-Chicken fried Chicken
-Cod Basket
-Breaded shrimp basket
-Chicken strips/ tenders

Overall thoughts:
I would say that this is about average as far as places to eat go, based on the two experiences. Prices were reasonable and the environment was nice. Really I would say, stay away from the deep fried foods here and you will get a good meal. Keep the door closed adjoining the salon and circulate more of the food smells would help as well.


The Honey Baked Ham – Orem Ut



“Cafe” Review

384 West University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058

(801) 224-6650


Visited Date: Dec 19, 2014

Circumstances: c good to get an unknown to review

Building: This building is a separate building in the parking lot of several other stores located at the top of the hill from UVU

Seating: All of the seating (and it is somewhat limited) are all tables. Wood, country style, Clean and nice.

Music: None playing

Service: The service was kind of slow and disoriented.  Although you were standing where you would place your order  it took a minuet or so for them to communicate with you (having you wait wondering if there was something you were supposed to do to get their attention). On top of everything else, they were fairly friendly.

Food: The Sandwiches were fresh with real cuts of their great meats.  My sandwich was the BBQ smoked stacker and I will say I was somewhat disappointing, I was good but so, don’t get me wrong. the picture showed BBQ sauce drizzled on it but the real thing had none. it was more of a smokey flavored sauce.  My wife ordered the Tavern club.  Like I said the sandwiches are fresh and tasted great.  The sides on the other hand were OK. We ordered the Ham and bean soup as well as the pasta salad. Although the ingredients were more fresh, there was nothing significant about them to make you want to go there just to get a side.

Ordered: BBQ Smoked stacker  w/ Ham and bean soup for the side.

Tavern Club w/ Pasta salad for the side

Overall thoughts: This is a great place to get lunch but, “know before you go” The store is both a Cafe and a store. when you first walk in, it is confusing as to where you are suppose to go. there is a main counter with all of the registers in the middle (looks like the place to go) but there is really a counter off to the side ( not well lit and no indicators that it is where you are suppose to go)  when you walk over there the workers are not prompt to greet you or make you feel like you are where you are suppose to be.  Having a small “order here” sign would help as would a more attentive host.  Similar to to main entrance where you are really not sure which door is the main door.

My only other complaint is that they really need to have a dedicated deli register. when checking out we had to go around the counter to the far register because someone was using the one on the deli side for a store order.  This also left an awkward feeling of not feeling organized.

I will likely go here again, knowing where to go when I get there is nice, and the food is good.  Just a few things needed to make this place shine.



 Extra Pics


Sources: Take home pamphlet

Los 2 Potrillos – Spanish fork Utah

los 2 potrillos BUTTON

Los 2 Potrillos – Spanish fork Utah
146 S Main St, Spanish Fork, UT 84660
(801) 798-6100

Mon – Sat 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Menu is as of (11/23/2014)


Visited 11/23/2014 @ 5:00 PM


A good friend of mine introduced this to me and I am glad he did. My wife and I love Mexican food and for the south end of the county, this is a great stop.  There was a while that there was some entertainment,  not the greatest thing to do because it did not add to the atmosphere.  This is a small family ran business that makes good food for a good price

location is kinda out of the way and you really have to know where to look or you will miss it.  It is a smaller restaurant so there is limited seating area but there is usually room when I have gone.  With winter approaching though, try to sit away from the door because the Spanish canyon breeze comes right in..

There are about 50/50 booths and tables.. the booths are comfortable as long as you fit.. I had to switch places with my wife because the table is mounted and favored one bench over the other (I could not fit, I am big but not that big).  The regular tables are typical of most Mexican restaurants around.. not the best quality but good enough

Like I mentioned before, they had a Harmonica playing Ventriloquist in there for a while that did not work to add to the atmosphere.  The last time I was in there was a TV going with sports but it was all in Spanish (Not to bad)  but, I usually prefer some authentic music playing quite enough you can still carry on conversation but loud enough to hear.

As a family ran business, Service can be hit and miss. Overall though, it has been good. In the past several times I have been there, it is apparent that they are trying new things to  “keep up” so that is a good thing. I always prefer bad service with signs of getting better over OK service that is quickly declining.  High Chairs are limited and need work ( straps are missing on all of them).  Be aware of that if you are taking little ones..

Food was great! I have eaten here several times and have yet to dislike anything.. Although it is a gamble, most of the time they have their own homemade chips and salsa that is really good, don’t go too late though because if they run out, they switch to store bought..  The below pictures of the food are what we had the last time.. no editing just as the pic was taken from my phone.

I have ordered several things but this time I got the “kitchen sink burrito”  which, yes that is a full sized fork – it was huge. My wife got the “Camarones costa Bravada”  and where it says “Spicy” there is no lie, the sauce is served on the side and is VERY hot.. Good though.

Overall thoughts:
Like I said, we have eaten there several times so obviously it is a keeper.. I would recommend the owner giving the atmosphere some attention and a little work to the tables but other than that, its great!

More Pictures (ill get more soon)

The Maze Runner


Maze runner

Rating: PG-13
Time: 1 hour 53 minuets
Type: Thriller/Action
Dilly Rating: Movie House
Language: Very little
Main characters: Daykab o’Brien – Kaya Scodelario – Will Poulter – Tomas  Brodie – KI-Hong Lee
Released: September 19, 2014

After seeing this movie 2 times now (my wife wanted to see it as well) I would say it is defiantly a good watch. There is a lot of the same “Vib” as Hunger games with the “the world as we know it has changed” going on. It does drag at times as the plot is being built but, the flow is good as you are able to explore ideas of how to get out of the situation they are in and finding out why they are in it to begin with. Overall no complaints and it is apparent at the end that they are opening it up for a sequel. I would even be willing to say that down the road this may be worth buying once it is a bit cheaper.

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