Dec 19, 2013 Seeking resolution

OK so I don’t know if there is anyone that really reads all these posts and maybe daily is a bit much but.. OH WELL! There is a lot going on and so I have a lot to share.

1997 Blazer = poop! not really but that is the feeling I have right now.. I changed the filter (took a shower in gasoline) … no change. Changed the Regulator… still no change so…. it is the fuel pump! After doing this I was listening to it and it was making some weird sounds so.. I guess that does make sense. That, and I had just filled it up.. Fortunately my Bro-in-Law was in town so we used the mighty 00 Pontiac Montana (minivan) to tow it home, well, kinda home, really to a shop that would fix it because I was too lazy and tired.

As for the roof issue, I got the heat cord and laid it across the ice in hopes it will melt a little down and clear a path so I can eventually install it correctly. In the meantime, it is no longer leaking.

I would ask if “IT” is done but I’d rather not temp fate.. in all reality, non of this has been more than we can handle, it was just a trial.. maybe just so we will see Christmas in a new light this year..


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