Energy in all its Abundance

Many of you know my love of the “abnormal” way of doing things. I am always looking for a better or more creative way to do pretty much everything. That said, Solar Energy and wind energy. Is it really real? yes, of coarse it is otherwise you would not see the huge wind generators and Solar farms popping up all around. My only problem is that there is so much information on the subject out there and a lot of it is hokey, incomplete, or simply does not support what I want or how I want to achieve it.

 Is the cheap really cheap? probably not.. One of the big tips that I have found, at least for a guideline is, that when buying Solar panels, you should only be paying about $1.00 a watt.. much more than that and well, you are getting ripped off. (so if you are looking at a Harbor Freight solar kit.. DON’T) don’t get me wrong, I love Harbor Freight, but with any place you get deals, you need know what it is you are looking at and IF it is really a “Good” deal. One of the things that puts all of the information on one place is here (CLICK HERE) This is a source that says it will show from start to finish how to create an entire system from basically scratch and giving you the starter portion of the system for about $100 which is less than HF as well.. I am hoping to start on one this summer. If any of you beat me to it, you must let me know how it goes.

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