Feb 16, 2014 Rocks and more Rocks

What a week it has been. Valentines Day, Slow at work and a lot to do at home. because of this, we have done all that we can to make this project keep moving along and it has done just that! Fortunately for me the Girls have agreed to do the mudding, sanding and painting on this project allowing me some well needed down time.. Although I was not full fledged sick this last week, it is apparent I have been fighting something off..  with a constant headache and a cough, it is just enough to make a person tired and cranky (not that I would ever be cranky)

That rest did not last long though, and that is just fine with me.. Friday evening I got a call that I was looking forward to.. My wonderful neighbor has been able to secure the “ditch witch”.  I was excited to “hurry” and get the wire in the ground. To my surprise, **wink wink* this was not a “hurry process” since there was in the ground to be dug, a whopping 75% rock and less than 25% dirt.. it took several hours and much work to get the trench dug..  toward the end of the show we had to rotate the machine around and dig back to meet the existing trench. That was yet another failure as the one and only place that was sandy decided to give way and allow the ditch witch to inspect its own depth that it dug. I will also admit that there were a few more hiccups in the process which I will share later.. Just keep your eyes peeled for that later on..

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As for Valentines day. That is its own subject.. it is just another day. I still had to work nothing was really changed from any other day so.. nothing to report special..

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