Garage Set up!

Some people use a garage as a storage location.. often it starts by parking their cars in there but before you know it, it is full of boxes of stuff that is looked at once a year to never again.. I believe firmly if you are not using it.. question storing it. But, that is not what I am saying here really I am saying a garage is much more valuable than storage because of the creations and imagination that can come from that space if used right. I have run into the issue that the space that I have there is cluttered with the tools that are suppose to be doing so much work.. with our recent move we downsized even more so I am forced to get more creative and find a better solution to my space issues. But wait, we need to get a few things set up such as lighting and other electrical to make it possible to begin with. Follow along as we make this journey to a more functional shop.

First lets get some new lighting in there so we can see what we are doing on these long winter days.

Although the one small light in the middle of the garage is great when you only park a car in there, it does not work for a shop.. What you don’t have lights laying around.. below is a link to the ones that I used. What a difference it makes to be able to see what you are doing..

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Now that there is lighting, it is time to take on the big project of getting more usable power to the rest of the shop..

“While having one plug in a garage is nice, it is not functional for a home shop. Much of what I used can be found cheap here ► Before anyone compalins about the one box being overloaded, there are already plans in place to lighten the load there..

“More progress is being made to getting a good electrical setup in the new garage.. One tool that came in handy was this new step bit and for the price it was totally worth it! LINK TO STEP BIT ►


“The GRAND FINALE we will get this done.. Althought working over head it never fun, getting this done will be.. And in the end, Hopefully it works right!




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