Gravity – Movie Review


Rating PG-13
Time: 1 hour 31 minuets
Type: Science fiction / Action
Dilly Rating: Watch once – rent
Language: Fair amount including the “F” bomb once
Main characters: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Before seeing this movie, I had heard many mixed reviews mostly in the negative Thus the slow review. After watching this I can understand the reviews both positive and negative. The movie trailers make it look like an intense Action movie. It is not, however, there are a few intense portions of action, the rest of the movie is more story and suspense with many stressful and helpless circumstances. The story its self is pretty simple but seems to have the purpose of inducing thoughts about your drive in life in general. If you watch this movie with the expectation to see a story, it is good. If you watch it for the tons of intense action it portrays in the preview however, you will be disappointed. I did find the ending a bit open ended as if opening it to a sequel although the story itself is just shy of complete or open to thoughts of what you personally would do next.

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