Hours – Movie Review


Rating PG-13
Time: 1 hour 37 minuets
Type: Thriller / Drama
Dilly Rating: Can I get a refund on my time?
Language: This one has the typical amount of PG-13 language including the one “F-bomb”
Main characters: Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez, TJ Hassan, Michelle Torres, ect
Release Date: December 12, 2013

Movie summary: A new father (Paul Walker) must remain behind and try to keep his prematurely born daughter alive after Hurricane Katrina knocks out the power in their New Orleans hospital.

I will admit, when I saw this one in the listing, I looked forward to it. It has a potential with the story line and with Paul Walker but was sorely disappointed with it as we watched. To be completely honest about half way through the movie I could have walked away and not felt bad (which for me is rare because I like to know how things ends). To be completely honest, this is a really slow movie with not much going on. Production of this movie has to be done of a minimal budget and Paul must have been doing it out of charity. If you are looking for something to watch, keep looking. if you are desperate, you may want to keep looking then as well.

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