How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Movie review


Rating PG
Time: 1 hour 45 minuets
Type: Fantasy/Action
Dilly Rating: Keeper
Language: None – This is a kids movie after all!
Main characters: (animated)

A continuation to the movie “How to train your dragon”.  Most sequels tent to ruin the original movie and kill the story altogether. I hate to see them and usually avoid them unless the original was awesome but, I am reluctant and will not spend a lot or be the first to see them. I would not say the same about this one. Well thought through, fills in the blanks to some of the gaps in the story and once again, has a good underlying meaning giving motivation and hope. Shows the meaning of working together and good friends. I will admit, while watching this movie, I wish my dog were there. (Just me I’m sure) either way, this is definitely a good movie and will be watched again.

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