March 30, 2014 A dog’s purpose?

Chug enjoying a day out on a walk
Chug enjoying a day out on a walk

Yep, the side thought is the main subject this week. Reason being, this Last week was one with a very time consuming schedule.  On top of a 60 hr work week not much was able to be completed.

So, for my thought provoking intro. Do dogs have a purpose? I cannot say for sure one way or another but I can tell you this.. As I had mentioned last week, we got our first dog in a long time last Sunday and after a week of acquainting ourselves with the ‘ol Girl and spending a fair amount of change on vet checkups, shots, food and supplies, it makes you question, why have a dog? Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it is a bad thing, in fact I am saying just the opposite. Dogs are a great animal to have around.. So far in just the first week she has already started defending the family. She is not aggressive but she will give out a single solid bark when someone knocks on the door. She checks on everyone regularly and makes her rounds at night when everyone else is sleeping.. I will say, she is more “Friendly” than we thought initially. Over the past week she is more willing to lick, jump, run and play.. That said, she is still super mild and stays in “her place” which is so awesome. I will give one big tip to getting a dog (just in case you are looking) Look for a free dog. I don’t say that to be cheap I say that because someone willing to give away a family pet is in one of 2 circumstances: 1- the dog is completely out of control or 2- they truly cannot keep them due to some other circumstance.. 2 being the one you want to look for.. a well loved dog that would otherwise go to the pound or be put down due to crappy family circumstances. That is where I feel “Chug” came from.. she seems like she was a super good dog in a bad situation (not abusive but not feeling at home)  and now she is just happy.. (I am thinking I need to give more thought on how to express this)  there will be more on this subject later….

As for the project updates.. we are still waiting on the Concrete work to get done. Our City/Town is horrible at getting paper work done but as soon as it is.. a driveway to the shop as well as the front sidewalk will go in and make life really nice, and projects so much easier. On the inside of the shop, one quarter was cleared, sealed and permanent fixtures moved into place and the second quarter is starting to be cleared. Here are a few pics to show what has been done.

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Granted there is still a lot to do in the first area but the finishing details will not be done until the whole shop is sealed and starting to go together but, this will make space to start getting more done.

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