May 11, 2014 Back from Mexico and an EXTREMELY busy week

2014-05-03 07.27.35As promised, I am  going to attempt to get caught up for missing last week. The prior week, we were still in Mexico. There was not a lot to do because of missing parts.. it was a good and bad thing and I will explain that in another post when the results are final.. As for a few other things that happened while I was there, Food was horrible.. Not the Mexican everyone here has come to know and love.. I would have loved to get some Taco Bell while I was there but it just wasn’t happening.. looking back there was 2 places that the food was good.. Chili’s and TacoBM.. Chili’s because it was the closest to real food but the Taco BM.. well that was a new experience where they used melted cheese as a taco shell (Pictured below with my chili’s real food!

Another thing that made this journey interesting is, well, they took our blood pressure before every work day.. sadly I knew mine was high but I have just not had time or resources to do anything about it.. After being there I have decided I cannot put it off any longer.. The first day it was 170/110.. although a lot of it may have just been stress from a new location, it stayed consistent the entire time.. the lowest being about 165/94. I’ll keep you posted on how that all works out as time moves on. I also have some videos that I have to process so I can post them here so stay tuned for that.

Finally Saturday arrived and it was time to go home.. now, as I am sure you have figured out, Traveling is always an adventure. Just from the Hotel to the airport was a story by its self. We used a shuttle to get there, leaving at 3:00AM we jumped in the shuttle. the driver was odd. The van was a Manual transmission Diesel (Nice and fairly new) but the driver apparently was not well trained on the art of Manuals as, he decided to remain in 3 or 4 (out of 6 speeds) the entire way.. No problem except that his peddle work was that of a YO-YO so there was a lot of forward and back rocking heads in the van. He also left his Brights on the whole way and refused to dim them for anyone so we as passengers were constantly blinded by oncoming cars flashing their brights at us. The final thing that as a lover of driving that drove me nuts was he would turn on his blinker for a lane change and it remained on the rest of the trip, the only variation is when he would change lanes in the other direction and then leave it on that way as well.  soo much fun.. 
finally we arrived at the small airport where security had to do a physcal check of every bag (poor souls.. all I had was really stinky dirty laundry). and then be boarded and flew.. here are some pictures I took along the way.

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I do recall getting to Texas, we went to IHOP and got breakfast and all I can remember is that I would bite my food and swallow without chewing any more.. I could not handle it… REAL FOOD! From there, the rest was history.. (see if you can guess where the pictures were taken)

This week although super busy, there has not been much to tell (YET) but I can say that I worked 12 hours a day all week until Saturday and the only reason I was able to get out of Saturday was my Daughter was Baptized! very cool experience.. 

Thanks for sharing.. more to come!









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