Quick update Jan 2015


Well, I thought it about time to give an update on what is going on.  Many of you may already know that as of earlier this month, I am now self employed. This was to enable me to do the things I enjoy and make it so that I feel like i am helping those around me any not some hot-shot, desk Jockey that take home more in a month than I see in a year. I will say,this has been a true adventure getting everything in place with the loom of needing to support my family in place.

I have been working to get templates  and processes in place to make posting reviews faster and easier while getting you content in a more timely fashion.  This is mostly because I have a ton of reviews just waiting to be put together. As for my you tube, content is getting set up as well and I will just say this. I have been sorting through close to 3000 video files of content (some better than others) so that new content can start coming out there as well.

As far as my new business, I do all kinds if light mechanical services on everything from your Pickup truck to your bicycle and everything in between. I have a new truck and trailer enabling me to carry tools as well as transport jobs as needed. I did get the opportunity to move some family with it recently and that enabled me to learn a lot about its performance..[pictured above] Most of this time up until now has been spent getting organized, making sure I have all the proper licenses and insurance in place and establishing procedures, All while starting to do jobs for friends and family.  what a challenge it has been but I will say it is a rewarding  challenge.

I will say this as well. So much of my life, I was always of the opinion that owning (buying) a house was the way to go because you build your own equity instead of that of someone else. (granted there are circumstances that would cause this to not work as well) I am finding that I have about that same opinion of work. Working for an employer is like renting. you are really just paying someone else’s bill instead of building your own equity.

Thought I ought to share some cool sunset pics I got while I was out and about.


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  1. Was this picture taken in Panguitch?
    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your help! We want to wish you GOOD LUCK & BLESSINGS, on this New Adventure!! Love You Much!
    Dad & Mom

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