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Wrapping up 2014


Well, The year is coming to an end and this year has been on that will be remembers for both good and bad reasons. As for my posts, I am learning what works and what does not.

I will say that that the rough parts of the year made it one I would prefer not to re-live. Through out the year, I have had more close friends and family pass away due to somewhat natural causes than I have had to deal with in over 10 years, some were young, too young  but, I don’t want to dwell on that, I want to dwell on the good things but, I do want to say farewell to all of the good friends that I have had leave this life.

I will be completely honest.. I did not attend the funerals of everyone but, my thoughts and prayers are still with them and their families.

As for the better things from this year, Work I will say was tough but with dealing with things there I came to a realization in my life that I am not one that can handle doing the same thing over and over day in and day out. There were times that I would complete all that I needed to for the day but because of the way a “JOB” is, I was required to sit there and try to be busy for the remainder of the day.

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I cannot say that there is only one reason that I felt that it was time to move on, in fact I don’t think I could really list out all of the reasons. I can say that there was a lot of reasons I quit my full time job.  I agreed to work the first week in January so that I can train someone on what I did. after that, I am on my own.  It will be up to me to support my family though exercising all of the skills that I have acquired over the years.

This will give me the ability to share more experiences, help those that I believe really need it and more than anything, this will give me the ability to, when I am done for the day, I am done for the day. I have already seen an increase in getting to spend time with my family and accomplish more even with it being as bitter cold as it has been.

The past few weeks I Have tried my best to post semi-regularly but have to face the fact that I have failed as my mind has been flooded with tasks that I need to complete quickly. I Have gotten my video editing software working and have spent a ton of time filtering through all of the old video files that I have not used yet and started prepping them to get posted. I will be posting them to YouTube and then linking them in posts here for ease of locating as well as finding details that may have been missed in the video or even bonus material. with the millions of projects already in process, we recently added a new one for the purpose of supporting my business.


If you are waiting for posts that have been requested, I will say this, they are coming and will be posted soon. Like I said before I have one more week of full time but after that. I will be full throttle.


Thanks and stay tuned!