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Divergent – Movie Review


Rating PG-13
Time: 2 hour 20 minutes
Type: Adventure / Action
Dilly Rating: Keeper
Language: Very little (did not notice any)
Main characters: Shailene WoodleyTheo James

I remember the previews on this one. (I know it is a book but I did not read the book and likely never will) the previews looked ok-good. I wasn’t sure how good it would be based on the preview alone but, It looked like a see in theaters at least once and was well worth it. This movie does appear to be a “Hunger games” knock off with a twist of Matrix like additives but, the story is well laid out and had enough twists to keep you thinking at least a little. Time wise, this is a long movie but, it did not feel too long.  The story line did leave a huge opening for the sequel as can only be expected. After seeing this movie for the first time I would say it is a keeper with the underlying theme of being yourself.  Many people believe that people need to conform to be accepted but you don’t. (not saying you should not still try to be a good person) as for the foundation, lots of drama, a fair amount of action, and a good story makes this a great movie that is well balanced for a full range of entertainment.

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