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I want to introduce you to my newest shop mate. Bella, she is the newest addition to our family and will make several guest appearences in videos simply because she is like my shadow and is always here.
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March 23, 2014 A New project underway and a new family member!

This may have to be a shorter post this week.. I decided to decapitate my knuckle and it is now difficult to type.. just to give you an image, it took off about a nickle size area and removed all of the skin so you could see the main veins and goodies that make a finger work. For your sake this is all that I will show.2014-03-23 17.24.09

I believe in my last post it was declared that the bedroom project was complete but at the time I did not have any pictures but, I do now.  so this is the room already broke in.2014-03-23 17.21.23alright, that is not what the purpose of this post is.  The Garage is the new project and we did make some progress.. the shelving that I started last week is now complete and I started loading it up.. 2014-03-22 15.40.53

I am thinking I will have to add one more chain support and distribute the weight across 3 supports because the on side where I put all of the spare tiles and shingles from the house, it seems to be sagging a bit..

here are the pics of that progress

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ok so now that the shelf is up we are working on the shop space its self.. clearing 1/4 at a time, sealing the floor and then moving stuff back in an organized way.. it is really nice to see open space instead of the mess

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I did get to see something beautiful while I was at it that had been buried for some time2014-03-22 17.02.04

I have not actually sealed the floor yet as I have been working to clean the concrete first..

As for other big news, we just had an addition to the family as of today.. I wanted to introduce you to “Chug” she is a 7 year old Shar Pei Mix.. very calm.. loves the kids already and doesn’t even lick.. she does have a funny arm pit fetish but I guess that is better than the typical Crotch one..

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Well that is it for now.. looking forward to getting more news as the work goes on!