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Rest from the Rental – That’s about it though

This is has been a very annoyingly busy last couple of weeks. Every time I turned a corner there was something else that needed to be done. I knew that this would happen but it always seems to creep in the need to get everything done. On the other side with the tenant that had signed a lease backing out, it felt like we had a bit more time and could take what was needing to be done a little slower, and not with such a push on our time. Well, all until about Wednesday when we found out someone was intent on signing a lease and wanted to move in on Friday.. not Friday a week or so later, no, this Friday,.. “Oh POO!” we had to get things done especially since we were going to be out of town Friday and Saturday. So, Thursday Night we were at the rental house trying our darndest to get things wrapped up. We did alright on the interior stuff, the new blinds were up, the curtain rods were up, shower curtains and rods were in place. My wife even started cleaning up some stuff right up until the down pour of rain. I was working on the Dryer only to find out that it was a thermal fuse and a thermistor that had gone out and I would not be able to finish the fix until the following Monday or Tuesday. Here are the pics for the apparent reason it went out.

Fortunately they were OK with that and we’ll be able to get it done. There are still several things that I believe need to get done sooner rather than later but most all of it is on the outside of the house and can be done as time goes on.
It is a good thing I only said I was getting rest from the rental house though because Friday and Saturday we went up to the air show at Hill Air Force Base.. it was fun to see so many different planes as well as all the other fun stuff they had on display. I was a bit disappointed as they really did not have anywhere for people to enjoy the air show its self.. there was only as small set of bleachers that were for VIPs and the rest was concrete pad only.. not too big of a deal if they were to keep the show up in the air buy there was a lot of the show on the runway as well. I cannot say I did not enjoy the show though. From just about anywhere at the base you could frequently see the planes and jets doing all sorts of insane maneuvers that 50+ years ago or to most modern pilots would have caused the plane to go down.


The grand finally was the thunderbirds. It was the big Synchronized jet performance that everyone was waiting for. Unfortunately we missed most of it.. as we waited we let the kids walk around with the toys they had pretending that they were flying when, all of a sudden we heard a blood curdling scream. Yup, it was Kyle, he had apparently tripped and fell on a grate causing a huge (3cm) gash to his knee. The medics on base were only able to wrap it up so they took us on carts to the bus stop and told us to get him to somewhere that he could get stitches. The funny thing is, our van was only a few blocks from where they were dropping us off. It seems that because we were Civilians, they did not want to go that little extra distance so we could get him fixed up, instead we waited on a bus for the airshow to complete, went to the van and then proceeded to fight traffic for 30 to 45 min just to get off base. Upon arriving at the insta-care, they had apparently closed at 5PM (to give you a time line, the accident happened at 3PM) “CRAP!” so to the ER.

“ how much is this going to cost us?”
“well according to our insurance, our out of pocket would be about $1700.00”
Fortunately the ER nurses were nice enough that they found us another insta-care that was open later and we were able to get the 4 stitches needed to hold my son together. Below are the pics from that whole incident. I will be posting more details and thoughts on the insta-care and ER in a later post..

Also not to distract from my sons pain but I also tried to put my kickstand on my big motorcycle through my foot. When I got to work, I was thinking I needed to lube my chain. I got off, unloaded all my work stuff, then put it from the side stand up onto the center stand. When I went for the chain lube I realized that I did not have it on my bike like I usually do so, I went to put it back onto the side stand and get to work. Not realizing, I had not put up the side stand, I pushed the bike off the center stand and as the bike came down, the side stand penetrated my shoe (if it had only hit the steel toed part I would have been fine) then my sock and left a whopper on my foot.. “ well that was fun!”