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moving boxesYes, many of you who follow me already know we moved. Moving is an adventure under any circumstances but throw in owning a business that will be closing temporarily, switching roles in a marriage (“Mr Mom”) and moving to a job in a new city and state that is 100% commission base where everyone wants to know how much you make in order to get housing, utilities, or really anything else..  Oh and don’t forget, we had no where to live ahead of us getting to the new city.  We were fortunate to have a few weeks of “no work” so we could get focused on selling stuff, packing stuff, and getting organized before the date of the move actually came about.

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So, enough about that, here are some vids of the moving chaos on the garage side of things. .. I will be posting one a week so be sure to come back to see the others as they come up..

This was the fun part..

and Yet another one.  The shop is empty!!! YEA!! it is so bitter sweet leaving a good shop behind but there was some things that worked out good for us.

We finally made it.. now to start getting settled in