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The Honey Baked Ham – Orem Ut



“Cafe” Review

384 West University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058

(801) 224-6650


Visited Date: Dec 19, 2014

Circumstances: c good to get an unknown to review

Building: This building is a separate building in the parking lot of several other stores located at the top of the hill from UVU

Seating: All of the seating (and it is somewhat limited) are all tables. Wood, country style, Clean and nice.

Music: None playing

Service: The service was kind of slow and disoriented.  Although you were standing where you would place your order  it took a minuet or so for them to communicate with you (having you wait wondering if there was something you were supposed to do to get their attention). On top of everything else, they were fairly friendly.

Food: The Sandwiches were fresh with real cuts of their great meats.  My sandwich was the BBQ smoked stacker and I will say I was somewhat disappointing, I was good but so, don’t get me wrong. the picture showed BBQ sauce drizzled on it but the real thing had none. it was more of a smokey flavored sauce.  My wife ordered the Tavern club.  Like I said the sandwiches are fresh and tasted great.  The sides on the other hand were OK. We ordered the Ham and bean soup as well as the pasta salad. Although the ingredients were more fresh, there was nothing significant about them to make you want to go there just to get a side.

Ordered: BBQ Smoked stacker  w/ Ham and bean soup for the side.

Tavern Club w/ Pasta salad for the side

Overall thoughts: This is a great place to get lunch but, “know before you go” The store is both a Cafe and a store. when you first walk in, it is confusing as to where you are suppose to go. there is a main counter with all of the registers in the middle (looks like the place to go) but there is really a counter off to the side ( not well lit and no indicators that it is where you are suppose to go)  when you walk over there the workers are not prompt to greet you or make you feel like you are where you are suppose to be.  Having a small “order here” sign would help as would a more attentive host.  Similar to to main entrance where you are really not sure which door is the main door.

My only other complaint is that they really need to have a dedicated deli register. when checking out we had to go around the counter to the far register because someone was using the one on the deli side for a store order.  This also left an awkward feeling of not feeling organized.

I will likely go here again, knowing where to go when I get there is nice, and the food is good.  Just a few things needed to make this place shine.



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