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May 18, 2014 Seeking A promotion

seeking_indexThis week, the craziness continued as the project I was working on was reaching its deadline. As it was completing, the fear of empty and shallow promises began to set in with the thought that they were for the mere purpose of having me complete something no one else was able or willing to do, with no intention of coming through or, sure they will give me a title promotion with not monetary compensation for the additional stress and responsibilities. Now I don’t say this lightly as it is something that scares a lot of people. I really don’t make much now, in fact, when I took this job; I explained that I am used to moving up the ladder quickly and that was  the only reason I would accept as low of a pay as they were offering. (keeping in mind that I was taking a pay cut from what my last job was paying and I was extremely under paid there as well) After taking the job there was a lot of talk around the company that they did not give raises or “real” promotions, the only way you made more was to work more and after several weeks of working 80+ hours with a record of 117 hours in one week, it started to sink in. “Is it time to start looking for another job or focusing on my own business again?” it is scary to think about not being financially secure.. I know I could make it on my own but the early stages of a small business scare me the most. As this project wrapped up, the promises got bigger with the title of Manufacturing Engineer.  Sure, it sounds great but will the pay match.. Probably not..  the last title they talked about giving me was about $20K more a year (at a starting pay)  than I am making now. At this stage in the game Doubts run rampant.

(more to come this week. stay tuned)