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I am adding more to the site once again!

I know, I know, this has become a trend, as I have found things that I want to share but just do not have a good place to share, where I can easily find them again so, it is what it is..

In this case, I am adding Recipes.  More because I am finding that I like certain recipes but some need altering to fit our needs or tastes better.  I have also found that my wife’s cook books are getting to be difficult to use.

I will try to filter these recipes into categories that will make finding one easier by the category menu or searching in the search engine for example you want to make a dinner and you need to use Chicken..  enter “dinner chicken” and you would be able to find any  recipes that I have that meet that detail.

I will also say this – THERE IS NOT SCHEDULE! we are already posting 3 times a week and cannot guarantee a consistent post.

If you have an awesome recipe that we should try, feel free to comment and let us know the details. If it cuts the mustard, we  will endorse it (add it to our site)

I will have my famous No-Bake Cookies recipe up soon so stay tuned!