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SHOWING THE NEW AIR FILTER SETUP. Because when I bought the bike I had no filter I figured after market would work and it worked well.. This is the one I got.

Fuji House – Payson Utah

Fuji_building BUTTON

Fuji House – Payson Utah
17 S Main Street, Payson Utah
(801) 465-4018


Sunday-Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday-Thursday…..12:00pm – 9:30pm



Visited Date: Repetitive Throughout 2014

Circumstances: We have visited this Restaurant multiple times throughout the year. It is local and serves sushi that is  good so, if your having a sushi craving, this is a quick fix. Different times of the day and how busy they are does not appear to affect their business

Building: Old Downtown, need I say more. The building is located on Main in the old downtown area. This establishment occupies 2 of the older store areas. It is a lower funded remodel but not bad. Good environment and comfortable

Seating: Seating is respectable. All seating is at tables (no booths) but is reasonably comfortable. Both tables and chairs are clean.

Music: None playing

Service: The service is friendly small town style. Overall seems to work at reasonable speed (not immediate but not super slow either) which is right where you want to see it to get fresh food. They are not afraid to get to know you or

Food: Overall I have liked everything I have eaten here. I would say that the Tempura Veggies are a bit oily but everywhere I have tried they seem that way so I cannot hold it against them.

Ordered: I usually enjoy the chicken Fuji House specialties. They are all good. As far as sushi goes we have had the: Cowboy, Godzilla, Funky, Playgirl, Playboy, and many others.. I do not recall any of them being less than good. Some of them are even good for those that don’t usually enjoy sushi or cannot eat raw fish.

Overall thoughts: This is a great small town restaurant. Good food, Friendly service, not extremely pricey, not too over done. I would say that we will go back but we already do. This is a favorite and in the last year I would say we have gone here at least once every other month.


Menu – http://openmenu.com/restaurant/bcecf3f4-62f0-11e1-80ac-00163eeae34c

Welcome to Dilly’s adv.

Welcome to Dilly’s Adventures

Although I am a “Jack of all trades” most of my content revolves around Motor “stuff”  but there is a lot more to me. Formally I was known as Kary1982v6 but due to the obvious complexity in pronouncing as well as remembering I decided it was time to change my online presence. Dilly is a Family nickname that we have started with my dad and has carried on ever since.  This is all about our adventures! Most of what I do will be found here, or at least referenced here with a link to the actual location.

for the purpose of your interests, here is a list of the things that typically covered (somewhat in order of commonality)

1- Motovlogs

2- DIY or Mechanical tutorials

3- Financial tips and tricks

4- Deals or interesting products that I come across.

5- Reviews of Movies, Restaurant and all sorts of things that I encounter.

6- Ahh… this really is not a category but more..  Anything I think might/ might not be beneficial to someone. I’ll be posting it here.