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Life after this one – A Mechanics Perspective

This week we are going to take a break from the norm. Today I had an epiphany and thought I would share this with you.


Many of you already know that I am a religious person. I Believe in a life after this one but, I have always had the difficulty with the concept of what life would be like after this one. I know that some religions believe that we become angles, others believe that we move on to other aspects of our heavenly fathers plans. No matter the believe structure,  there is usually not a belief that accounts for someone that has the Mechanical, Computer or other “worldly skill set”. To me I will say that my skills are what  I feel define me and that when this life is over, they  would potentially be left behind when I leave this life. That scares me and it left me with the thoughts of “do I really want to go to “Heaven””?  Today as we studied several scriptures including one in Abraham chapter 3, it was discussed that we were individuals before we came here and that we now are just what we were before but with more experience.   I felt the strong impression that this is the solution to my frustration. we do not know what the next life looks like, we only have some glimpses from the prophets as to what it looks like. I can only suspect that because I am only an extension of who I was before coming here that I was happy there before and that there was a place for me.

Another thought is that I may not really be so much into cars as I am into fixing things and that I have an aptitude to learn specific things quickly. Maybe, just maybe that is really how I am. I have to trust that there is a place for me that my father has prepared knowing who I am. I am sure he knew before I came to this world that there would be trials in relation to my skill set and the belief that there is a heaven.  It is interesting to me that after about 12 years of seriously struggling with this that it all of this came to me in a moment, not a special moment but one just like any other.

I will say this, and the only reason I say this is so that you know what has gotten me by until now. I know he is there. Some call him God, I like to call him Father. I know he knows who I am and loves me. I will say I am fortunate to have a good relationship with my earthly father which has helped me to understand my heavily father more. I have had experiences over the years that has reminded me of this. literally little Miracles that were put in place to remind me of these facts.

I am not super religious, I am a normal person that trys to do what I am supposed to and often looses track of the path I am trying to take. I am just a man, an individual with worldly tendencies.  That all said, I am a son of God. I know that and I can only pray that I do not ever loose sight of that as life presents me with the many trails it still has in store for me. I also pray that any who read this will have that same understanding.