The Roof

2014-06-21 15.20.57     I am starting to think it is time to start doing something other than just an update… unless you enjoy doing nothing more that reading a one sentence post. All that happened this week was a roof. Upon the inspection of our rental house it was determined that the back half of the roof was gone, there were several asphalt shingles that no longer had asphalt. All that remained was a small bit of fiberglass. Needless to say, it needed to be re-shingled desperately. every spare moment this last week was spent doing just that. re-shingling the back half of our roof. Fortunately we had some neighbors that saw the need and joined in  the fun. I have to say I have been blessed with some awesome friends over the years although I am not much of a friend. I will post more about what mean with that later.

I have been wanting start posting random thoughts more often and I guess they are just going to have to come as they come. I’ll try and get the ones about friends up as soon as I can.. just something that I have been thinking about recently.


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    1. ouch! what can I say, I seem to like doing things the hard way.. on the upside, my wife said next time we do a roof I can buy a gun myself 🙂

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