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Growing up, I used to think “Jack of all trades” meant that you had limited skills. Today I realize that it is more common to be a “Jack of NO trades”. Many people are afraid to get their hands dirty and figure out how to do things. Although most of my content revolves around Motor “stuff” but, I have always believed if I need it done, I at least need to understand how it is done so, I can make sure it is done right and often that leads to buying the tools, doing it myself, and saving money for other projects.   The single biggest obstacle now is the time, follow along and see  how time is spent, see the odd projects that are done, share ideas, collaborate, and most important Enjoy life.  Below I have a list of the menu items, generally  the life stuff I share because there more to me than just motor stuff. Formally I was known as Kary1982v6 but due to the obvious complexity in pronouncing as well as remembering my name, I decided it was time to change my online presence. Most of what I do will be found here, or at least referenced here with a link to the actual location.

for the purpose of your interests, here is a list of the things that typically covered (somewhat in order of commonality) and a light description of what will be found there.

1- Motovlogs: Riding and Driving videos some with talking, some not

2- Automotive “stuff”: Repair and tip DIY

3- Around the house: Repair and tip DIY

4- Energy related stuff: my Brain child ideas

5- Life in General: life updates and stories

6- Tech: new toy reviews and thoughts

7- Munitions: things that blow up 😉

8- Money: Financial tips and tricks


Here are the links to my other online stuff

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dillysadv

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/Dillysadv

Want to send us stuff? Here is our mailing address:

7726 N 1st St #143, Fresno, California 93720, United States




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