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Although I am a “Jack of all trades” most of my content revolves around Motor “stuff”  but there is a lot more to me. Formally I was known as Kary1982v6 but due to the obvious complexity in pronouncing as well as remembering my name, I decided it was time to change my online presence. Most of what I do will be found here, or at least referenced here with a link to the actual location.

for the purpose of your interests, here is a list of the things that typically covered (somewhat in order of commonality) and a light description of what will be found there.

1- Motovlogs: Riding and Driving videos some with talking, some not

2- Automotive “stuff”: Repair and tip DIY

3- Around the house: Repair and tip DIY

4- Energy related stuff: my Brain child ideas

5- Life in General: life updates and stories

6- Tech: new toy reviews and thoughts

7- Munitions: things that blow up 😉

8- Money: Financial tips and tricks


Here are the links to my other online stuff

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dillysadv

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/Dillysadv


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