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Jan 12, 2014 Slow but steady progress

Wow, what a week. The progress on projects appears to have been slow although, it is starting to become more apparent with the progress, which always makes projects more fun.
Wiring in a 4 way switch was a frustration like no other, I had looked up several diagrams that showed how it should be wired in but in the end nothing works better than the noodle up stairs and figuring it out on your own.. I ended up pulling out a multi-meter and figuring out how it is suppose to work and vuwala it works! (if you have questions on this let me know and I will put together a vid snowing how to do it and why it works) I know it is a simple thing but it is something, none the less. As of Saturday morning I had worked just shy of 50 hours this week and we were ready for insulation before Saturday.  Although Saturday was planned to be fairly busy, we were able to get the ceiling insulated. But, before I show you what it looks like, I have to tell you I bought one of these and it was worth every penny!


Although the reviews are mixed, I shot 1250 staples through this in the first day and it was flawless. (click pic to see where you can get it) I have a feeling I will be using this a fair amount between odds and ends, re-upholstering seats on the bikes and much more.

in the end we got 6mil plastic and a ton of insulation 2f49faff-ec6c-44c5-9b26-15d6c4e99752_1000

and went at it.  slowly working our way from one side to the other putting the insulation up and then stapling it up.

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now that the lights are wired up and the ceiling insulation is complete, it is on to the walls. I also have a cheap trick I will show you next week for the wiring. I have a little more to do for the  garage stuff.

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Dec 29, 2013 Quit waiting, Just Get Er’ done!


Well, as I hope you know, this last week was Christmas.. YEA! right?.. well not so much.. it was a rough week.. if you did not know, I am a VERY introverted person and can only handle being around a lot of people for a short amount of time. Christmas day there was A LOT! of people at the house and my usual escapes has not been an option.. – Garage, well no power and thus no heat and no light.

-Office,  My bed has been nominated the baby sleeping room and bed. and thus no escape

I did attempt on Christmas day to spend some time working on the Zuki but I could only look at it because it was soo cold I could not even hold the tool for more than a second. Now with a little back story. We have decided to buy this house from my parents (although they will still be living here with us) but that gives us the ability to make certain decisions..  Upon buying this house there are several things that we wanted to get done right away such as: finishing the back bedroom for our kids, running power to the garage, installing a water softener so that we don’t have to chew on our water just to get it down.

All of these projects seem like they would just be easier in the spring when it is not soo cold, but, what do we do until then?—— get er done!

Thanks to some help of some friends, just before Christmas they came and helped us route a heater vent to the back room ( that was a project by its self)

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Creating the motivation to get that project done/going.. Yesterday we decided to dig in and get really going but there was soo much insulation in the way of re-supporting the saggy ceiling so, it had to all come out!  we went and got full body hazmat style suits and started pulling. unfortunately we did not get pictures of the mess but  this is what it looks like now

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Because the wiring for the garage has to go through this roof area we decided we needed to run the power to the garage at the same time. Now everything I do I want done RIGHT not something I will have to come back and fix later so we will be using a trencher and putting these lines 3-4 feet below the surface of the ground ( that way when we install sprinklers and driveways, it will not get hit and make a big mess. this is the area the ditch will be in. STATLIGHT 2013 GARAGE AND POWER

Also, I have been looking to heat the shop and have found a way to make a used oil burner.. stay tuned for more details on these and many more projects

Energy in all its Abundance

Many of you know my love of the “abnormal” way of doing things. I am always looking for a better or more creative way to do pretty much everything. That said, Solar Energy and wind energy. Is it really real? yes, of coarse it is otherwise you would not see the huge wind generators and Solar farms popping up all around. My only problem is that there is so much information on the subject out there and a lot of it is hokey, incomplete, or simply does not support what I want or how I want to achieve it.

 Is the cheap really cheap? probably not.. One of the big tips that I have found, at least for a guideline is, that when buying Solar panels, you should only be paying about $1.00 a watt.. much more than that and well, you are getting ripped off. (so if you are looking at a Harbor Freight solar kit.. DON’T) don’t get me wrong, I love Harbor Freight, but with any place you get deals, you need know what it is you are looking at and IF it is really a “Good” deal. One of the things that puts all of the information on one place is here (CLICK HERE) This is a source that says it will show from start to finish how to create an entire system from basically scratch and giving you the starter portion of the system for about $100 which is less than HF as well.. I am hoping to start on one this summer. If any of you beat me to it, you must let me know how it goes.