Summer 2017

Holy Macaroni, summer 2017 has been one of the busiest times I can recall.  THANK YOU for sticking around. In the next few weeks videos should be starting again and life will get back on track. With the chaos of the summer, we have evaluated a lot of the time used on the projects we are recording as well as the time to put together the videos that are the result.  Because of this re-evaluation, we have changed the format and processes of the videos.. It is possible that the more focused and formal project videos will come occasionally it just wont be all of the time.

As far as the happenings, our kids had summer fun classes (a program that the local schools put on) so I had to drop them off and pick them up from that twice a week. My son had his first Cub Scout Day Camp ( this is not a 1 day thing here for some reason but rather a 5 day from 3pm to 8 pm camp) I had volunteered for being a “Walker” for my sons group for all of the days (big mistake) it was 114ºF most of the time we were there.  Overall we did survive and I believe we made it as good of an experience as we could for the boys in our group.  In addition to both of those, we has a pre-set arrangements with a neighbor to go swimming in their pool from 1-3pm  twice a week ( all fun except that I cannot swim in chlorinated or salted pools because of skin sensitivity) so I enjoyed the heat of just chilling on the side lines.

That was it for the set in stone things but on top of that I had a trip to Utah to visit my grandfather, the one that I worked for and who got me started in my mechanical career once I returned from my 2 year religious service.  He had been diagnosed with a really aggressive lung cancer that had spread through his entire body and was given 1-3 months. It was a great experience to be able to say my goodbyes. He passed away the day after I left. I will be posting more about this experience as well as some thoughts I have been having recently a little latter.

We also had to have a few family camping trips in the trailer that were a ton of fun.

And last but not least the reason that we had so much going on, I had gotten the Large projects for work than I have had since I shut down my business.  some of them were more learning experiences than profit making, some were just fun and some were reasonably profitable.  I have had to create a wish list of some future purchases with tools because of this summer. I believe that $10k should cover it  ;-).. all joking aside,  we have had to consider some real strategic moves to justify the expense.. more will be on that when I am able.

I did find out toward the end of summer that although school is starting soon for the kits, the chaos is not over for me yet.  Our renters have moved out of our first home back in Utah and for the sake of stress and liabilities, we have decided to sell.  In talking to our realtor, there is about $15k or more of work that needs to be done.  After seeing what position this would put us in,  my wife and I decided that I will be going to Utah for about a month and doing the work myself.  Admittedly, I am nervous about the whole thing because of the amount of work that is needed ( new roof, new carpet, new paint, siding repair, Railings repaired, fencing repaired, and I am sure there is much more I will find when I get there.  I will be recording videos while I am there so, there is something to look forward to.

Thank you all SO MUCH For hanging in there.. I am so excited for what has come and may still come…