Feb 9, 2014 Life Balance

Welcome back! This has been a great week with the Room project moving along quickly and what not. we have finally reached a part of the project that does not require me to be actively involved. They (the girls) started Perfa taping and mudding, and have gotten a lot of it done as of this point,(in the room) as for the hall way well, we hit another snag. The door way from said hall into the bedroom that we are currently staying in is not only the wrong size but has not been framed in correctly at all.. Now we are going to have to tear it out and Frame it in to the correct size, which will mean that we will have no door for a while, while it is being patched in and replaced.

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I would have to admit though, one of the biggest accomplishments this week was BALANCE.. last week end my wife and I talked a lot about our lives being out of balance. It was to the point that every moment of every day was consumed by work, sleep, work on the room, or eating. No time was being left for personal growth, family time, or really anything else. We made the decision last week end to set aside time for other things.. Part of the problem it that I have been working Nights (2PM-11PM) so any of the routine activities that we would do in the evening were canceled. (Family Night, Date Night, Scouting, Everything) So we decided to re-structure our mornings to have Monday as a “Family Morning” and “Date Night” is moved to Saturday evenings. and Thursday and Saturday Mornings are for personal projects (if I don’t work Saturday). Sunday has never been a day of work for our family so that was not a problem. I cannot say I have never “tinkered” on Sunday but just no work..

As for the weather cooperating with projects, the Jury is still out. It has been raining a lot which has caused almost all of the snow to melt (YEA!!!!!!) but in the place of snow is now a tun of MUD…. (DOH!) Saturday I pulled the Zuki out to take it to a friends to be worked on and I felt like I needed to get my Muckin boots on just to get to the garage. Hopefully there will not be any more snow and we will get some sun soon to dry things out.

Oh and since I mentioned it. I did get to hear Zuki run but we have not entirely solved the problem.. it appears that there was a few problems with the carburetor. and the remaining problems appears to be something electrical. The problem is that it is a inconsistent problem so, Diagnostics will be difficult. but we will get there!

Sorry one more… Nah two more good things to note.. it has been decided that we are getting a dog at the end of this month. YIPPEE! ( I have wanted to get another dog for some time)  and as soon as taxes are done my wife said that I can buy and build a good computer for doing vids..  that will come soon enough trust me..

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