Inconsistent updates and a Promise! kinda~

timelyAlright.. what a mess. I have been trying to do updates on a weekly basis and have found out, it just does not work.. trying to get information formatted and ready to publish while it is still timely is just not as easy as I had hoped with the way that this year has gone. I will say this, it is not that I am not doing anything. Recently I lost my URL while trying to transfer it to a new hosting account. I am glad to say I have it back and I am now in the process of building it to fit what Dillys Mobile has evolved to.. Check it out! Click on the picture below! Let me know what ya think!

Dilly's Mobile web page
Dilly’s Mobile web page

That said.. I am also in Mexico again.. Good news. I have some personal time to figure out things. Bad news is, I will not get many projects done.  In fact if you have been on the Facebook page you will have seen the motor that was all torn apart.. well it is still that way because I was informed on Tuesday this last week that I would be leaving Wednesday for a week and a half and the part did not come in until Thursday.

As this  timing issue has evolved, this is how we are going to do things from here on..(maybe)

1- I will still do Blog posts on updates from time to time but no guarantee on how often because they have to be squeezzzzed in where they can be

2- More posts will be about projects / toughs/ reviews and other NOT time sensitive information. I will do what I can to have them published once a week

****QUESTION**** when would be the best time for you to see these posts?
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3- Non time sensitive posts will hopefully have more focused topics and be more formally prepared with better pictures and details on one subject.

I am hoping soon to add video and audio files for more fun too once the equipment is working.

4-  More time sensitive info will be released more informally on Facebook.. Be sure to follow us there

That said.. I have SEVERAL other posts that I need to work on.. there is bait.. enjoy!

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