Update October 2015

For those of you that are still following.. My most sincere apology, when starting my business, I believed that there would be adequate time and more material to post but due to the overwhelming interest in the services I offered, that was not that case. Once again, life has taken a new turn and we are starting fresh with a whole new life configuration.. I will say this, I am not making any promises but at this point, my time is looking to be able to add new content on a more regular basis. . I have already started rendering videos showing some of this move and at this point my goal is to produce a video a week with “New” content every Thursday and then at random, i’ll add in some of the video files  that I have recorded in the past in hopes to finish out some of the play lists that I have already been working on.

With this change, I will be considering removing the restaurant review section since i will not be able to update the existing reviews. I debate about keeping the movie reviews active.. that said, most of the content will be based on time and feedback I get from you!   In addition to the adventures, my Mechanic site (Dillysmobile.com) will be used for the details on repairs that I do or anything designed for Mechanical/ handyman repair tutorials..    Thanks again for  all of the support you offer as we move forward in, once again, a new direction..

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  1. I bet your head is Still swimming, with All the “changes” that occurred in the past couple of months?! 😃😜😃❤️❤️❤️❤️

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