April 20, 2014 It is never what it seems to be


Well, as the title suggests, what we thought was the situation last week was no where near what the situation really was. There was a lot of “discovery” going on this last week as I spoke to people concerned in the matter. If you recall we were of the understanding that the sidewalk was stopped due to a complaint from the neighbor. As soon as I was able, I spoke to the said neighbor (who is super cool by the way) and asked him what the story was from his side.. He said that the city came to him asking to put in new sidewalk and gutters as well. He told me that he refused for fear that the city would make him cut down his trees.. At that point I figured that was the problem. Later that day I got a text from my contractor indicating that he had a meeting with the city Tuesday morning and that he wanted me to attend. I figured at that point they would give me the details.. In that meeting I found out that the city was the one holding things up because they waned me to do a type of sidewalk that I did not want. After some negotiations.. we got what we wanted.

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A little comparison there for ya.. Other than that I will admit, not much happened this week after averaging 12 hrs a day for the past 6 days at work. Right now we are looking at a REALLY cheap way to harden the driveway we were not able to do concrete in.. We were looking at Asphalt, but I am wondering if there is still something even cheaper like re-spreading the gravely dirt and getting asphalt sealer to spread over the top since it will all be just temporary (for aprox. 1 year).


As for this week and probably next. It is official, I am going to Mexico.. No where all that pretty (San Luis Potosi) and it will be just me and some co-workers, although it is just down the street from the GM manufacturing plant… we’ll see how it goes.. hopefully I can get some good pics to share next week and the week after..

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