April 13, 2014 Working on vacation

This is probably my favorite part of this week.. yup, working while on vacation.. although you will likely see this post on Sunday I am sitting here on Wednesday typing it, and yes, I am on vacation. I guess there is something even better than me sitting and typing while on vacation, there is still a lot of working going on at the house! yup, that is part of the reason we are on vacation. Our new Driveway and sidewalk are going in. Most of the driveway was complete before we left but, they were starting on the sidewalk when we left. Because of the amount and location of the sidewalk we would not be able to have parked anywhere near the house making it difficult to live even somewhat normally so… we left!

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(Friday Night) This week has left me with a lot of time to think.. It seems that as we get the careers that we always wanted, the more I realize that it really is not what it seems.. I did get the chance this week to meet up with Everide this week (it was totally awesome to see such a good friend after such a long time) and as we talked, this very subject came up. Having the dream job partially has a lot to do with having time to fulfill personal aspirations and the ability to feel like you are “growing”.  Somehow our generation just missed the gravy train on this.. Worked hard to get experience and education so that we could get that great career we always wanted then. BAM! the economy collapsed and now sure, you can get a good job but, you’ll probably make more bagging groceries at the local store.. oh yea and you are gonna work your guts out so long that you will learn to hate what you do just because there is always someone else out there desperate for a job that will replace you once your burnt out.. so how do you avoid this paradox?…. be your own boss.  how? you may say… I’m really not sure I guess that is part of the adventure.  but I did come across this statistic… something to think about!

income ratio


Well, OK, We arrived home last night just before 10:30 PM and found out that nothing more was done after we left. Apparently something was said between the neighbor and the city that upset my neighbor and in return there was an upset that caused the city to put a stop on our new sidewalk. As of now, we are not sure what will happen or when it will happen.. the problem is, until this is worked out, we cannot drive our cars into our driveway. Not really a problem for me and my family but my father-in-law who is in a wheelchair.. this is just not cool..

on a better note, our vacation was a hoot. tons of gun.. lots of time to relax  here are just a few pictures of the awesome stuff we saw!

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    1. Actually it was all resolved this week.. there was a lot of information that I did not know at the time I made the last post.. Lots of fun stories this week as a result but the good news is, it is DONE! YEA!

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