Jan 12, 2014 Slow but steady progress

Wow, what a week. The progress on projects appears to have been slow although, it is starting to become more apparent with the progress, which always makes projects more fun.
Wiring in a 4 way switch was a frustration like no other, I had looked up several diagrams that showed how it should be wired in but in the end nothing works better than the noodle up stairs and figuring it out on your own.. I ended up pulling out a multi-meter and figuring out how it is suppose to work and vuwala it works! (if you have questions on this let me know and I will put together a vid snowing how to do it and why it works) I know it is a simple thing but it is something, none the less. As of Saturday morning I had worked just shy of 50 hours this week and we were ready for insulation before Saturday.  Although Saturday was planned to be fairly busy, we were able to get the ceiling insulated. But, before I show you what it looks like, I have to tell you I bought one of these and it was worth every penny!


Although the reviews are mixed, I shot 1250 staples through this in the first day and it was flawless. (click pic to see where you can get it) I have a feeling I will be using this a fair amount between odds and ends, re-upholstering seats on the bikes and much more.

in the end we got 6mil plastic and a ton of insulation 2f49faff-ec6c-44c5-9b26-15d6c4e99752_1000

and went at it.  slowly working our way from one side to the other putting the insulation up and then stapling it up.

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now that the lights are wired up and the ceiling insulation is complete, it is on to the walls. I also have a cheap trick I will show you next week for the wiring. I have a little more to do for the  garage stuff.

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