April 6, 2014 Wow did you forget that project?

WOW… Did I forget that other project that had already been started? Did you forget? I really did not, my contractor was held up getting permits and planning drawings from the city, That and the way they wanted it done was totally weird.. Curious  about what I am talking about? Thought so.. it is the new sidewalk and Driveway.new drivewayNow, the driveway to the house was out of the price range and there is too much to do as well to prepare to get it ready anyway. Instead, we will be doing the driveway to the back garage and the sidewalk. The funny thing about the sidewalk, is that the initial idea was to cut the sidewalk to where the old sidewalk was and separate the curb and gutter.. I simply told them that if that was the only option, I would not pay for it. They then came back with another idea that still seems weird but benefits me (I guess) in the long run. That new idea is to gradually angle the sidewalk from the neighbors existing sidewalk, out so that it clears the other neighbors tree. (about 3 more feet from where it would be if it were to go strait). The funny part of that is, the tree that they are protecting is one that has not much life left in it anyway. I figured they would have it go strait as if to go right into the tree and then, angle back to meet up to the old sidewalk there so that after the trees are removed, the sidewalk would continue on and meet up to the rest of sidewalks already in place.. I am just glad that it will be done and the mud at our house will be no more.  The other part that I am excited about is, having the sidewalk in will force the city to relocate 2 phone poles that are in our front yard. One of them is not so bad as it is right near the property line, the other one however is right in the middle of the new driveway.

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Alright after NOT getting to the point, Tomorrow, the concrete guy is coming to start the excavation. He is planning on completing the driveway in the first 4 days of the week and then doing sidewalk the next 4 days. That is nice because, by the time I get back from Mexico, it will be all done and ready to be cleaned up. YEA!!!!!

Sealing the shop is still coming along but is slow as I still have to clean the concrete first and the part that I am on has 3 large oil stains where a jug had leaked a ton of oil. Once I get that oil cleaned up, I will be sealing it and moving on. The next 2 areas are already clean as far as oil goes but will have to have the dirt scrubbed.

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