Jan 5, 2014 A whole new Year

Well people, it is officially 2014 although, in the automotive profession it seems like it has been 2014 for some time. It is interesting to me to hear many of the people I know having such high hopes for the new year. I know that 2014 is not going to be a great year, yes, good will happen but so will a lot of bad. Maybe it is too realistic of me but I know much of what the year holds and for what I don’t know, well, I can only hope it will be good. I wish I could say good riddins to 2013. It was a really hard year, between loosing my job, moving in with family, attempting to start my own business, getting a new job, having my father in law diagnosed with Terminal cancer and so many other things but, I can also say with all honesty, it was a good year. I learned a lot about who I am, what I like and felt The Spirit very profoundly as a comforter and guide. That said, Life will go on and it is really what we make of it and who/what we turn to when it is not all sugar coated the way we claimed it would be in our new years celebrations.

Ok that said, here is the update. Most of this week (outside of work) has been spent doing construction on the back room in a desperate attempt to get to where the insulation can go back in.. as of now we have the ceiling is supported, and receptacles are connected.. Lights and garage wiring will be next and then we should be able to install the insulation at that point. I should have some good pics and vids for next week but here is a little vid for everyone to get up to speed if you have not already (this was more for you tube followers but here goes.)

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