Divergent – Movie Review


Rating PG-13
Time: 2 hour 20 minutes
Type: Adventure / Action
Dilly Rating: Keeper
Language: Very little (did not notice any)
Main characters: Shailene WoodleyTheo James

I remember the previews on this one. (I know it is a book but I did not read the book and likely never will) the previews looked ok-good. I wasn’t sure how good it would be based on the preview alone but, It looked like a see in theaters at least once and was well worth it. This movie does appear to be a “Hunger games” knock off with a twist of Matrix like additives but, the story is well laid out and had enough twists to keep you thinking at least a little. Time wise, this is a long movie but, it did not feel too long.  The story line did leave a huge opening for the sequel as can only be expected. After seeing this movie for the first time I would say it is a keeper with the underlying theme of being yourself.  Many people believe that people need to conform to be accepted but you don’t. (not saying you should not still try to be a good person) as for the foundation, lots of drama, a fair amount of action, and a good story makes this a great movie that is well balanced for a full range of entertainment.

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April 20, 2014 It is never what it seems to be


Well, as the title suggests, what we thought was the situation last week was no where near what the situation really was. There was a lot of “discovery” going on this last week as I spoke to people concerned in the matter. If you recall we were of the understanding that the sidewalk was stopped due to a complaint from the neighbor. As soon as I was able, I spoke to the said neighbor (who is super cool by the way) and asked him what the story was from his side.. He said that the city came to him asking to put in new sidewalk and gutters as well. He told me that he refused for fear that the city would make him cut down his trees.. At that point I figured that was the problem. Later that day I got a text from my contractor indicating that he had a meeting with the city Tuesday morning and that he wanted me to attend. I figured at that point they would give me the details.. In that meeting I found out that the city was the one holding things up because they waned me to do a type of sidewalk that I did not want. After some negotiations.. we got what we wanted.

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A little comparison there for ya.. Other than that I will admit, not much happened this week after averaging 12 hrs a day for the past 6 days at work. Right now we are looking at a REALLY cheap way to harden the driveway we were not able to do concrete in.. We were looking at Asphalt, but I am wondering if there is still something even cheaper like re-spreading the gravely dirt and getting asphalt sealer to spread over the top since it will all be just temporary (for aprox. 1 year).


As for this week and probably next. It is official, I am going to Mexico.. No where all that pretty (San Luis Potosi) and it will be just me and some co-workers, although it is just down the street from the GM manufacturing plant… we’ll see how it goes.. hopefully I can get some good pics to share next week and the week after..

April 13, 2014 Working on vacation

This is probably my favorite part of this week.. yup, working while on vacation.. although you will likely see this post on Sunday I am sitting here on Wednesday typing it, and yes, I am on vacation. I guess there is something even better than me sitting and typing while on vacation, there is still a lot of working going on at the house! yup, that is part of the reason we are on vacation. Our new Driveway and sidewalk are going in. Most of the driveway was complete before we left but, they were starting on the sidewalk when we left. Because of the amount and location of the sidewalk we would not be able to have parked anywhere near the house making it difficult to live even somewhat normally so… we left!

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(Friday Night) This week has left me with a lot of time to think.. It seems that as we get the careers that we always wanted, the more I realize that it really is not what it seems.. I did get the chance this week to meet up with Everide this week (it was totally awesome to see such a good friend after such a long time) and as we talked, this very subject came up. Having the dream job partially has a lot to do with having time to fulfill personal aspirations and the ability to feel like you are “growing”.  Somehow our generation just missed the gravy train on this.. Worked hard to get experience and education so that we could get that great career we always wanted then. BAM! the economy collapsed and now sure, you can get a good job but, you’ll probably make more bagging groceries at the local store.. oh yea and you are gonna work your guts out so long that you will learn to hate what you do just because there is always someone else out there desperate for a job that will replace you once your burnt out.. so how do you avoid this paradox?…. be your own boss.  how? you may say… I’m really not sure I guess that is part of the adventure.  but I did come across this statistic… something to think about!

income ratio


Well, OK, We arrived home last night just before 10:30 PM and found out that nothing more was done after we left. Apparently something was said between the neighbor and the city that upset my neighbor and in return there was an upset that caused the city to put a stop on our new sidewalk. As of now, we are not sure what will happen or when it will happen.. the problem is, until this is worked out, we cannot drive our cars into our driveway. Not really a problem for me and my family but my father-in-law who is in a wheelchair.. this is just not cool..

on a better note, our vacation was a hoot. tons of gun.. lots of time to relax  here are just a few pictures of the awesome stuff we saw!

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April 6, 2014 Wow did you forget that project?

WOW… Did I forget that other project that had already been started? Did you forget? I really did not, my contractor was held up getting permits and planning drawings from the city, That and the way they wanted it done was totally weird.. Curious  about what I am talking about? Thought so.. it is the new sidewalk and Driveway.new drivewayNow, the driveway to the house was out of the price range and there is too much to do as well to prepare to get it ready anyway. Instead, we will be doing the driveway to the back garage and the sidewalk. The funny thing about the sidewalk, is that the initial idea was to cut the sidewalk to where the old sidewalk was and separate the curb and gutter.. I simply told them that if that was the only option, I would not pay for it. They then came back with another idea that still seems weird but benefits me (I guess) in the long run. That new idea is to gradually angle the sidewalk from the neighbors existing sidewalk, out so that it clears the other neighbors tree. (about 3 more feet from where it would be if it were to go strait). The funny part of that is, the tree that they are protecting is one that has not much life left in it anyway. I figured they would have it go strait as if to go right into the tree and then, angle back to meet up to the old sidewalk there so that after the trees are removed, the sidewalk would continue on and meet up to the rest of sidewalks already in place.. I am just glad that it will be done and the mud at our house will be no more.  The other part that I am excited about is, having the sidewalk in will force the city to relocate 2 phone poles that are in our front yard. One of them is not so bad as it is right near the property line, the other one however is right in the middle of the new driveway.

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Alright after NOT getting to the point, Tomorrow, the concrete guy is coming to start the excavation. He is planning on completing the driveway in the first 4 days of the week and then doing sidewalk the next 4 days. That is nice because, by the time I get back from Mexico, it will be all done and ready to be cleaned up. YEA!!!!!

Sealing the shop is still coming along but is slow as I still have to clean the concrete first and the part that I am on has 3 large oil stains where a jug had leaked a ton of oil. Once I get that oil cleaned up, I will be sealing it and moving on. The next 2 areas are already clean as far as oil goes but will have to have the dirt scrubbed.

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Gravity – Movie Review


Rating PG-13
Time: 1 hour 31 minuets
Type: Science fiction / Action
Dilly Rating: Watch once – rent
Language: Fair amount including the “F” bomb once
Main characters: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Before seeing this movie, I had heard many mixed reviews mostly in the negative Thus the slow review. After watching this I can understand the reviews both positive and negative. The movie trailers make it look like an intense Action movie. It is not, however, there are a few intense portions of action, the rest of the movie is more story and suspense with many stressful and helpless circumstances. The story its self is pretty simple but seems to have the purpose of inducing thoughts about your drive in life in general. If you watch this movie with the expectation to see a story, it is good. If you watch it for the tons of intense action it portrays in the preview however, you will be disappointed. I did find the ending a bit open ended as if opening it to a sequel although the story itself is just shy of complete or open to thoughts of what you personally would do next.

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Movie Reviews

The moviesAll too often I hear reviews (good or bad) on new movies that I later find out are very inaccurate to what my thoughts are. Because of this, I have always wanted to give “real person” reviews on things such as Movies with a perspective other than the typical Trendy style reviews. Most of these will be 1 paragraph and I will attempt to get right to the point and stay fairly objective..

All movies will be PG-13 or lower (no “R”) If you search one and it is not here, let me know in the comments by clicking “leave a reply” below and I will get on it ASAP!

I will admit I tend to be a little behind the ball on seeing the latest and greatest movies but I will do all I can to keep up..

March 30, 2014 A dog’s purpose?

Chug enjoying a day out on a walk
Chug enjoying a day out on a walk

Yep, the side thought is the main subject this week. Reason being, this Last week was one with a very time consuming schedule.  On top of a 60 hr work week not much was able to be completed.

So, for my thought provoking intro. Do dogs have a purpose? I cannot say for sure one way or another but I can tell you this.. As I had mentioned last week, we got our first dog in a long time last Sunday and after a week of acquainting ourselves with the ‘ol Girl and spending a fair amount of change on vet checkups, shots, food and supplies, it makes you question, why have a dog? Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it is a bad thing, in fact I am saying just the opposite. Dogs are a great animal to have around.. So far in just the first week she has already started defending the family. She is not aggressive but she will give out a single solid bark when someone knocks on the door. She checks on everyone regularly and makes her rounds at night when everyone else is sleeping.. I will say, she is more “Friendly” than we thought initially. Over the past week she is more willing to lick, jump, run and play.. That said, she is still super mild and stays in “her place” which is so awesome. I will give one big tip to getting a dog (just in case you are looking) Look for a free dog. I don’t say that to be cheap I say that because someone willing to give away a family pet is in one of 2 circumstances: 1- the dog is completely out of control or 2- they truly cannot keep them due to some other circumstance.. 2 being the one you want to look for.. a well loved dog that would otherwise go to the pound or be put down due to crappy family circumstances. That is where I feel “Chug” came from.. she seems like she was a super good dog in a bad situation (not abusive but not feeling at home)  and now she is just happy.. (I am thinking I need to give more thought on how to express this)  there will be more on this subject later….

As for the project updates.. we are still waiting on the Concrete work to get done. Our City/Town is horrible at getting paper work done but as soon as it is.. a driveway to the shop as well as the front sidewalk will go in and make life really nice, and projects so much easier. On the inside of the shop, one quarter was cleared, sealed and permanent fixtures moved into place and the second quarter is starting to be cleared. Here are a few pics to show what has been done.

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Granted there is still a lot to do in the first area but the finishing details will not be done until the whole shop is sealed and starting to go together but, this will make space to start getting more done.

March 23, 2014 A New project underway and a new family member!

This may have to be a shorter post this week.. I decided to decapitate my knuckle and it is now difficult to type.. just to give you an image, it took off about a nickle size area and removed all of the skin so you could see the main veins and goodies that make a finger work. For your sake this is all that I will show.2014-03-23 17.24.09

I believe in my last post it was declared that the bedroom project was complete but at the time I did not have any pictures but, I do now.  so this is the room already broke in.2014-03-23 17.21.23alright, that is not what the purpose of this post is.  The Garage is the new project and we did make some progress.. the shelving that I started last week is now complete and I started loading it up.. 2014-03-22 15.40.53

I am thinking I will have to add one more chain support and distribute the weight across 3 supports because the on side where I put all of the spare tiles and shingles from the house, it seems to be sagging a bit..

here are the pics of that progress

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ok so now that the shelf is up we are working on the shop space its self.. clearing 1/4 at a time, sealing the floor and then moving stuff back in an organized way.. it is really nice to see open space instead of the mess

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I did get to see something beautiful while I was at it that had been buried for some time2014-03-22 17.02.04

I have not actually sealed the floor yet as I have been working to clean the concrete first..

As for other big news, we just had an addition to the family as of today.. I wanted to introduce you to “Chug” she is a 7 year old Shar Pei Mix.. very calm.. loves the kids already and doesn’t even lick.. she does have a funny arm pit fetish but I guess that is better than the typical Crotch one..

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Well that is it for now.. looking forward to getting more news as the work goes on!


March 16, 2014 Its nice to be home

It is defiantly a nice thing to be “Home” now you might wonder where I have been.. Right? I have been home the entire time but with the construction it everything has felt like we were in limbo. I am not sure if I mentioned this but, when we moved here about a year ago it was only suppose to be temporary. I had just lost my job and went right to work with my father-in-law until something came along. It was July when the job I have now came along and by then all of our savings had been depleted so we decided to hang out a while so we would feel more stable. In November we decided that we would rent a home in Provo/Orem near my work. Lots of looking trying to find a house that would fit our needs (bit garage!) and all at once we found what we wanted and felt comfortable that we could talk them down to the price we could afford. The day we were scheduled to see it and sign papers, was the day that my Father-in-laws health took a horrific dive and we found out he had a Brain tumor. At that point we decided buying there house was what we were suppose to do. From that moment on we were retrofitting the house to fit us on a more permanent basis. Its still not perfect but it is beginning to feel like home..

Here is the update on the projects:
Kids Bedroom: DONE!!! yes, that is correct it is done, kids are moved in, and off my agenda! Now I did have to do a really crazy trick to get the tack strip to stay down (if you want to know what the trick is, leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I will put together a vid showing how to do it) but here are the pictures of how it turned out:

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Now I know that the Trim around the door is not done, there is a reason for that. (none of the house has any) and we have not decided how we want. As soon as that decision is made it will happen. we still have cabinets we want to put up in the hall and some other minor touches but it is to where we can use it and move on..

Garage: Yes! I did say garage. This one has been hanging over us for some time because doing projects where there is not a good accessible way to get to tools in there has caused a nightmare of all nightmares! That and missing the Moab meetup on the dirt bike because of the Un-running bike, I need room to start working on it and need space for that..

here is the list of to do’s
1- build shelf for long term storage – (in progress)
2- Move stuff to shelf
3- seal floor
4- rearrange shop for maximum space usage
5- electrical (lighting and plugs ect…
6- (really have not planned in detail this far ahead)

here is what we got so far:

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More to come.. stay tuned
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March 3,2014 boy does time fly

Wow, I cannot believe that I have missed 2 Sundays worth of posts.. how on earth did any of you let me do that.. I guess I better get caught up on the happenings around here.

In the past 2 weeks we have made tons of progress on the room, In fact we are doing floor patch today and carpet tomorrow! but enough teaser. lets start from where we left off!

The garage was left off with one light and one receptacle and one light.. not much has happened more there but we did get 2 more lights up and started plans for how it will be laid out. The goal is to get a lift and be able to “lift” a full size vehicle for under side and major repairs.. First things first.. on the Bottom (south) of the garage there will be a 4′ shelf for long term storage mounted about 6’6″ high.. once that is up we will be able to start some serious cleaning and preping.

preliminary ideas on how to lay out the garage
preliminary ideas on how to lay out the garage

Wow the house on the other hand has made much progress.  Final preperations were made for the tile including and entire day chipping away old flooring and adding new mesh and sandmix

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Then the fun began.. Laying the tile. It seemed easy at first until we realized that this house was just as un-square on the floor as it was on the walls..  but in the end I believe it turned out fine.. the only BooBoo’s there are will only likely be noticed by those who put them in .

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As I mentioned.. we are down to patching the floor in the bed room.. this was an interesting thing to see….2014-03-11 11.17.10we are not sure what this was for, we are suspecting it was some kind of septic tank  so we filled it with rocks from the vast supply our yard offers us and have filled the remainder with concrete.. Then we will be using sand mix to do the final touches.

OK so, on a fun note. This last weekend I went and was helping a neighbor tear down an old chicken coop with a group of fellow neighbors. When we saw how horribly wobbly it was we figured hooking a cable to it and pulling it down would surly disintegrate the structure and make clean up go faster but to our surprise. it was a lot more strong than we though.. here is what happened.

Because Life is an Adventure!